Green Cleaning at Tidy Tiffany & Co.
Many people want to ‘go green’, but don’t know where to start. Some of you may feel, that you want to do more than recycling. Well, you can start by implementing an eco-friendly cleaning strategy that will directly work towards a cleaner, safer environment.
We believe in the health and well-being of both our clients and employees. Therefore, Tidy Tiffany & Co. only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. Being environmentally conscious is very important to us as earth is our home and our children’s future. So here at Tidy Tiffany & Co., we believe that it is our duty to our clients and to the environment, therefore, we only use the safest earth-friendly products.
Benefits of Green Cleaning

Reduces Toxin Exposure – By using earth-friendly products, you, your staff and family won’t be affected by any harmful chemicals used in traditional cleaning solutions. This also makes our cleaning products perfect for families with chemical sensitivities, small children and pets.
Improves Air Quality- Our products do not leave any harmful fumes or residues which mean that the air in your office or home will be cleaner and safer. Our range of natural scented cleaning products leave your space smelling amazing.
Decreases Risk – We only use chemical-free products which mean that the chances of damaging or discolouring your floors or furniture are slim to none. We take extra care to only use non-corrosive cleaning products to keep every appliance and surface in perfect condition.
Cuts Down on Costs – Eco-friendly products are typically economically priced compared to traditional cleaning products. That’s why we are able to provide the most affordable professional cleaning service.
Lasts Longer – As the products we use are manufactured from fruit and plant-based extracts, your home or office stays cleaner for longer. Giving you even better value for your money.

Eco-Friendly Products

We use fruit and plant based environmentally friendly products for all cleaning services. Not only do these products leave a sweet fruity scent, but our clients can see how much better these products clean compared to off-the-shelf solutions. We strive to be both healthy and environmentally conscious. Therefore, we do not use any products that leave a harmful scent or residue.

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