Carpet Cleaning In Chesterfield
Tidy Tiffany & Co. provides professional carpet cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout Chesterfield at affordable rates. Our experienced cleaners have all the relevant training to efficiently clean and restore a range of carpets and rugs. We only use earth-friendly cleaning products to ensure that we don’t damage or discolour your carpets in any way.
Our Approach To Clean Carpets
We specialise in three types of carpet cleaning solutions. These include carpet steam cleaning, carpet deep clean and shampoo and lastly our solution or dry carpet cleaning. Our cleaning experts will carry out an assessment of your carpet or rug to establish which carpet cleaning solutions will work best. We pay close attention to the type of material and stains your carpet might have. We do this to ensure that your carpet is cleaned and taken care of.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use the latest equipment in steam cleaning from top manufacturer Karcher. Our environmentally-friendly solution makes use of hot steam and water to remove stubborn stains and kill germs leaving your carpet clean and smelling fresh. Steam cleaning your carpet will leave it looking great, and feeling like new.

Drying Time: 5 Hours

Carpet Deep Clean and Shampoo

For professional-style results, opt for our superior carpet deep clean and shampoo solutions. This service makes use of our Bissell Deep Clean machine which uses eco-friendly shampoo and a dual rotating brush that lifts entrenched dirt, smells and stains from a carpet. No matter how dirty the carpet is, our team of cleaning experts ensures that your carpet is cleaned and restored to its natural state.

Drying Time: 24 Hours

Solution/Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method involves spreading or spraying an eco-friendly cleaning compound over the carpet. It is then brushed with the industry leading Floormac rotary machine before being buffed, cleaned and dried, using carpet bonnets and pads. This method is best suited for those carpets who are in constant use as it is fast and efficient.

Drying Time: 1 Hour

For fast, professional carpet cleaning services, contact the carpet experts at Tidy Tiffany & Co. Call us on 07914 069791 or send an email to and get a free no-obligation quote for your domestic or commercial carpets.

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